I’ve done all sorts of things with my hair over the years — I’ve dyed it jet black, chopped and styled it like TLC’s T-Boz (CrazySexyCool), streaked it jet black and fire engine red and even donned a pixie cut. At times I change my hair due to boredom, other times as a way to visually start a new chapter in my life, or, most often than not, I change it because I want to try something different.

[I’m pictured here with side braids or a “faux side shave” — courtesy of Redbloom Bridgeland]

My hair is an extension of me, therefore a natural way for me to express my creative energy. My hair can make me feel confident or silly, smart or chic. Sexy or demure. It’s the easiest part of my body to change on a whim (despite what those fad diets and supplements say about your abs!) or change back if I — oops! — regret the “spontaneous” change.

At times, though, my hair change has nothing to do with boredom or expression. As has happened quite recently, my long hair was just too straw-like to revive with multiple packets of daily and nightly conditioning treatments, so I just chopped it off instead!

[Above: My straw-like, deep-conditioned hair — thank you Marc Anthony & The Body Shop — right before getting chopped. Below: #shorthairdontcare by Redbloom Downtown]

I’m the worst client to have if you’re a hairdresser — I tend to switch them like I switch my mascara (more on that in a future post)! I also don’t abide by the three-month rule…you know the one, hair trim and a colour touch-up every three months? Ya, not a fan. I can’t be bothered to maintain appointments that are that frequent, so I just let my hair grow as it wants to and when I get inspired or bored, (or my hair looks like it’s dying) I switch it up! 💁🏻

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