Google Home Mini

I could have waited to get it for Christmas… but I have a pretty lengthy list already, so when I saw that the Google Home Mini (here forth called “Mini”) was on sale during Black Friday, I just couldn’t resist!

So here are the specs, before we get into too much detail:

Dimensions & Weight 3.86 in dia | 1.65 in H
Colors & Materials Chalk | Charcoal | Coral
Supported Audio Formats HE-AAC LC-AAC+
Wireless Wi-Fi | Bluetooth support
Speaker 360 sound with 40mm driver
Mics Far-field voice recognition
Power 5V, 1.8A
Ports & Connectors Micro USB port
Supported Operating Systems Android | iOS

Dimensions & Colours

The dimensions and the pictures of the mini make it look cutesy and compact — unlike the Google Home which is also almost 4″ in diameter but is a little over 5.5″ tall.

The mini comes in three different colours: Chalk (a white base with the light-grey fabric top), Charcoal (a darker grey base with the charcoal fabric top) and Coral (pictured in Instagram post above, with a donut). As Google states, the Mini is “Made to blend in. Or stand out.”

Guess which one I picked? Go on… guess!

Ahem! Moving on…

Sound & Mic

Since HE-AAC (High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding — basically a type of audio coding format) doesn’t compare to the quality of MP3 coding format, and while the speakers do offer 360-degree sound, the Mini only comes with one 40mm driver vs. three drivers on the Google Home (drivers are like ‘mini loudspeakers’ — the bigger the drivers, or the more of them, the bigger the sound)….soooo I’m thinking the mini isn’t meant to stream high-quality music!

The mic, on the other hand, will do what it’s meant to do — that is, recognize your voice from others’ voices as well as the many other noises around it and you.

Power & Port

The power is pretty basic — unless you’re planning on going overseas, your outlet shouldn’t explode (but don’t quote me, stranger things have happened)! It charges via a micro USB port which you attach the charging cable to from the socket in the wall.

Supported Operating Systems

The Mini works both with Android (Samsung, LG, Pixel, etc.) and iOS (Apple) smartphones and tablets. At my house we have both, so yeay!

Check out my unboxing video here!

Stay tuned for my review of the Mini!! And let me know if you’ve got one and what you think of it in the comments below!

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