Self Care

With so much going on in my life in addition to the holiday stress… I thought it would be wise to remind myself of some things I can do to take care of myself:

It’s okay to say no

You don’t need to accept every invitation to every holiday event or gathering.

If you’re like me, you can get some serious FOMO during the holidays when you stay home to Netflix (wine, chips) and chill. “What if I’m missing out on a great networking opportunity?” Or “what if this ends up being the party to end all parties and I miss is??” Or “but where am I going to wear this dress again??” The best thing to do is to realize that these parties happen every year. They’re like clockwork, so no need to fret — you can join in again next year OR it’s time to prioritize the outings this year. If you need to network, find a holiday party that will do some double-duty: for your personal and professional life. Maybe check out a professional association you’ve been meaning to join and go to their party! If you think you’re going to miss out on some fabulous event — do your research: check out their social media profiles to see who might be attending and what their parties have been like in the past. Chances are, it’s not going to be any different (despite what their adverts say)!

Plan ahead

Preparation is key.

So you’re at your brother’s place for dinner and he’s invited all of his and his wife’s friends and they all have their inside jokes and you’re standing there like, “why do I come to these things again?” Instead if scolding yourself mentally again about how you should know better than to put yourself in these situations — plan ahead. Chances are, your sibling will know who will attend the party ahead of time. Why not ask what guests are into so you can have some conversation topics to mull over ahead of time? Or, better yet — why not ask brother dear to allow you to co-host so you can bring some of your own friends or take care of the hosting during the party so you have a reason to excuse yourself to… get some more wine for yourse–erm the group!

Just breathe

If you need to get away — just do it.

Chaos. Just chaos. Your husband and your dad are arguing over whether blockchain should have even been invented…your sister is re-doing the salad you made because, well, you weren’t paying attention and threw some seeds in there and your brother-in-law is allergic, remember? And your kids are chasing each other all over the house and you realize you forgot to wrap the presents you hid in the garage.

Find a quiet nook and practice some breathing — pay attention to just your breath. Breathe in slowly and out. Do this for about 5-10minutes.

If there isn’t a quiet space for you to take a 10 minute breather in the house — then leave. Take a walk down to the corner store and focus on breathing while you walk.

Be healthy

Nothing crazy — it is the holidays, after all!

There’s no way I’m giving up all the empty calories of the season, so I’m definitely not going to say you should! Do try and get some more water in between the wine and ‘nog and try to squeeze in some cardio just to get those endorphins going. Even if it means running up and down the stairs for 5 minutes at some point during the day! I swear you’ll feel so much better and when January comes around, it’ll be much easier to get your stuff to the gym!

Another good one to remember is: you don’t need to do it all! Really. Delegate and outsource or take a break if you can!

I’m much better at giving advice (aren’t we all?) than taking it, so I’m hoping to implement these into my daily routine as much as I can this holiday season.

Let me know if any of these worked for you or if you have any other suggestions! ✌️

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