App of the Week: PIXLR

This week’s app is one of my faves. And if you need to edit photos on your smartphone or tablet — you’ll love it too!


This little app is a workhorse when it comes to editing pics on the fly. I use it for everything from cropping and blurring backgrounds, getting rid of minor imperfections (in the pic, not my face — that’s what concealer is for!) and it even gets rid of red eye. And before Instagram’s Layout app, Pixlr is what I used to create collages.

There are many filters and I find them a lot of fun. You can even add text or doodles to your pics right in the app, which I find quite handy! It also has stickers that you can add to your photos — something Pixlr had way before Snapchat came out and definitely before Instagram!

Give this app a go and let me know what you think! 📸

See you next week for another awesome app!

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