New Year’s Eve — Do’s & Don’ts

It’s that sparkly time of year again where you get to dress up in your most glam outfit and perfect hair & makeup. Or do you?

If you’re like me, this day won’t be any different other than a faux countdown at 9 pm for the kiddos — while the hubby and I stay up watching The Crown on Netflix until midnight when we pop that bottle of prosecco, and take the obligatory selfie for our social media.

If you’re actually going to go out for some NYE fun, however, here are some do’s & don’ts:


…dress up in your most fabulous outfit

…get your hostess a great gift.

…scope out the other singles before that midnight kiss!


…make sure you brought along your bff!

…have fun!!

…drink responsibly — Uber or Lyft exist.


…forget to reapply lipstick.

…forget to take selfies!

…be that girl your friends need to babysit.

…nag that girl who is (we’ve all been there)!

…drink and drive!! (Like I said — Uber and Lyft exist. Pretty sure taxi co’s are also still around.)

If you’d rather just Netflix and Chill, but have some serious FOMO — remember that the most fabulous parties are never planned nor advertised so far in advance!

However you choose to celebrate the arrival of 2018 — I wish you the happiest New Year!! 🥂

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