App of the Week: Evernote

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be more organized — then this app is definitely for you! With features and functions as well as plans to suit your every need, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t used it sooner!


Evernote is a digital file keeper for everything from receipts to tweets, pictures to hand-written notes and articles from the web. Use it to organize personal documents such as receipts and warranties to school notes and everything in between. You can access and use this app for organizing and accessing your data on-the-go or from your web browser.

Each piece you upload creates a “note” — you can organize these notes into notebooks as well as with tags. You can also create “stacks” of notebooks. The possibilities are endless and personal — organize your data your way.┬áHere’s an example of how I’ve used Evernote to organize my school-related documents, assignments, articles, etc. into Notebooks and then a “stack”:

Accessing your notes and searching for notes is easy using the app, as it filters content into notes, notebooks and tags:

With the premium plan, (they’ve got a 40% off New Year’s sale right now!) you can even search within PDF documents!

Uploading documents and articles is easy too:

While you can’t create a tag (nor a “remark”) while trying to upload with the app, (which is actually a bummer…I hope they’re working on adding this functionality soon!) you can do this with their Google Chrome extension.

Evernote works with IFTTT which makes it a cinch to organize what you need without even having to think about it. And, if you’ve got handwritten notes — you can scan them in and shred/recycle your hardcopy knowing that you can access the digital copy whenever and wherever you need it.

And, though I’ve yet to use this function, “Work Chat” makes sharing documents and collaboration easy-as-pie.

Whether you frequently use Evernote or are planning to — let me know what you already use it for or plan to use it for!

See you next week for another awesome app!

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