Best of CES 2018

While I didn’t get to attend this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, (CES — the largest tech and tech-centred conference and trade show held yearly in Las Vegas) I was glued to social media to get updates on the latest and greatest.

After reading through articles, blog posts, watching videos and listening to podcasts, these are the most amazing products to note:

Smart assistants

With Google (Google Assistant) and Amazon (Alexa) competing in the smart home and smart devices space, consumers stand to benefit from the wide array of smart speakers, appliances and other gadgets that will become available. Google plans on making its AI assistant compatible with or integrate it into numerous products this year. It unveiled four new smart display devices including the Lenovo Smart Display to compete with Amazon’s Echo Show unveiled last May. Learn more here.

L’Oreal UV Sense

This tiny, battery-free device monitors your sun exposure and helps to prevent skin cancer when paired with its companion app (iOS and Android). The sensor is powered by the user’s smartphone and activated by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. You basically affix the sensor to your thumbnail and there it remains for up to two weeks, after which it will need to be reapplied. The app collects data that informs you when the best time to reapply sunscreen is or whether you should avoid the sun altogether. Beauty is going tech!

Cute Robots

If you know me, you know that I love robots. And this little guy is no exception:

Sony has updated AIBO with many new features so it will be exciting to see how consumers react. It looks like it’s only available in Japan atm, but it won’t take long before AIBO makes its way into NA homes.

Don’t want to replace Fido? Here are some alternatives from Honda, also unveiled at CES:


While wireless chargers have been around for a bit now, this particular concept is new. You don’t need to place your device on nor directly near it in order to charge it — simply being in the line of sight of the charger will do. At home, you can have the wireless charger-and-light combo on your ceiling and charge your phone while it’s sitting on the counter as you’re watching cooking videos, for instance. Pretty cool. Wi-Charge has just gone through several approvals in the U.S. so expect it to come north of the border soon. (I’m crossing my fingers, here!!)

dojo by Bullguard

“But what about cybersecurity?!” You scream. I hear you. And so does dojo. Constantly scanning for threats, this nifty pebble-looking device will ensure all of your smart home devices are safe from viruses and potential hacks. You can connect an unlimited amount of devices to it and it won’t spy on your personal data nor information.

And last but not least…

Toyota e-Palette 

Think delivery trucks of the future! These little vehicles can be equipped with autonomous driving technologies by either Toyota or the companies that use them. And which companies would use them? The options are endless — anything from food delivery, retail, a museum on wheels, sports/leisure rentals, etc. They are like stores on wheels!

Honourable Mentions

  • Shadow: Cloud computing/gaming

Subscribe to Shadow and you won’t need to constantly upgrade your PC/MAC with the latest and greatest hardware to play online games!!

With Razer’s Android phone, you’ve also got a laptop, when you use their “laptop-shell” combo — no need to choose whether to splurge on one or the other!

👉 What do you think of all of these devices and products? Does your future self own/use one (or all)? Let me know! 👈

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