App of the Week: Boomerangs & GIFs

Oops! Skipped a week… but here’s three apps for the price of one!

With Vine gone, you’d think the whole “blink-and-you’ve-missed-it” video genre would be over. Ha. GIFs and Boomerangs are where it’s at!


Boomerang is app made by Instagram that makes live GIF-like videos. I say live because it does not work with previously recorded videos or photos. It’s a standalone app that you need to download separately from Instagram. Once you open it, you press the record button as you would with your smartphone’s camera and it records short bursts of whatever you’re pointing at. The effect works best when recording something in motion.

Boomerang is available for Android devices on Google Play and the App Store for Apple devices.


Both apps are really fun apps you can use to create live GIFs or ones created from your already existing videos or photos on your smartphone/device. You can add filters and text to the GIFs you create. You can even choose what speed you’d like your GIF to be (GIF Maker only) or if you’d like to save the GIF as an actual GIF on your phone/device or as a video instead — not to mention add cool animated stickers to enhance your GIFs (both using GIPHY CAM only). So neat!

Do you use any funky video/GIF apps? If so, which ones? Let me know!

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