Double-Duty Beauty

I am a working girl with a side hustle…and a working mother, to boot. Because I am natural multitasker, I get excited when I find beauty products that work as hard as I do!

This is a list (def not exhaustive!) of beauty products I love the most:

For those days when you can’t figure out if you want to wear lipstick, lipgloss or both — grab this and go. I love the way the matte lipstick looks and feels on my lips and the way the shiny balm makes it pop! And the magnetic lid ensures the inside of your purse doesn’t look like a box of crayons exploded in it.

Unlike the lipstick above, this one glides on a little wet and then dries very (very!) quickly. Make sure you have a steady hand or you’ll have to remove and reapply! The lipgloss is wet and shiny making your lips look sultry — perfect for a night out!

You colour in your brows with the pencil on one end, and then brush them with the tiny brow brush on the other end. ‘Nuff said.

Want to have a smoky eyeliner look without too much hassle? This one’s for you! Line your eye as you normally would with the pencil and then flip it over to use the smudge tool — instructions are in the box, so you can’t go wrong!

I use this moisturizer literally every day. If you don’t need full coverage, this sheer tinted moisturizer is for you! It feels like a light moisturizer and dries pretty quickly.

Who loves dry shampoo?? This girl does! After trying out a ton (like, a TON) I found this one to be the best. It absorbs oil/residue, leaves your hair smelling amazing and gives you some major volume.

  • L’Occitane’s Shower Oil — a luxurious in-shower moisturizer and cleanser

This ones’s a newbie for me, but so far I love how it feels in the shower and after I’ve towelled myself off. It has a gentle cleanser with the almond oil which leaves you feeling soft and supple all over.

A daily moisturizer with gradual tanning action. I wear this year-round…smells great too (or maybe I’m just used to the scent now)!

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