FabFitFun Spring Box Review

Got my Summer box a little while ago now, so thought I’d give you my thoughts on what’s worked in last season’s (Spring) box — and what hasn’t. Here’s a super-fast unboxing video of that Spring box:


Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch

My clutch came in the “Paradise” pattern – with the “millenial pink” and palm leaves (I think?) on one side and solid teal on the other. The zipper is gold-plated with a teal tassle on the end. It’s such a pretty clutch — I looove the fact that you can flip it over and use it both ways. It’s definitely made for more casual or work-casual outfits but if jeans are involved, you could also wear it out to date night or girls’ night out.

Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion

I have sensitive skin and have finally found a beauty regimen that works for my skin (I have rosecea as well as the occasional pimple when I’m PMS’ing) — so I’ve been hesitant to try this for fear that it might disturb my current “skin calmness”. I think face lotions and creams are so personal, I’m not sure why FFF decided to include this one. Maybe I’ll give it a go as a body or hand cream when my current ones run out…

Anderson Lilley Sunset Collection Candle

In “Fresh Linen”. Yep. Not too sure when to use this candle. Perhaps when I want visitors to think I’ve done a fresh load of laundry? Pass.

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Makeover Concealing Ridge Filler

I’m OBSESSED with this. I wear it EVERY DAY. It makes my nails stronger, longer, and they look pretty, too. I’ve never been able to get my natural nails very long as they tend to chip or peel — but I haven’t had any issues with this! Two coats and I’m done. Since it’s a pinky tone that matches my natural nailbed colour — I don’t even have to worry about messing up the application! LOVE.

Free People x Understated Leather Starry Eyed Travel Eye Mask

Super-cute, vegan leather with embroidered metallic stars. Non-toxic cooling insert. Ahhhhh…. The eye mask feels sooo soft on your skin and the insert is very refreshing on your peepers. But make sure you don’t leave it in the fridge for very long — not good for the sensitive eye-area.

Physique 57 Massage Roller

The roller came in four randomly-selected colours — purple, red, gray and teal. I got the teal one. The roller may look like it would hurt since it’s got two spikey balls – but it’s actually divine. I use it on my sore shoulders and calves. It works great between massage appointments.

ISH Lip Statement Palette

Amazing selection of lipsticks shades. Great compact and the lip brush works great too. Not too sure when I would use this, though, except when making at-home videos as the compact is a little too big to carry around in my purse. And, if I can’t carry it around with me — I can’t reapply.

Beauty choice item: KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask

Pack of 5. These are okay. I’m not very impressed with them besides the fact that they came in a cute reusable pink-camo zippered “envelope”. I found them hard to apply as they tend to slip off and too big so they don’t just cover your lip but like, the whole mouth area.

The other choice was: Korres Guava Body Butter

Jewellery choice item: Ettika Day Dreamer Tassel Earrings

Great pair of earrings. I recommend them in a darker shade if you have light hair or a lighter shade if you have dark hair. If you have long hair, these can get lost in there, so I prefer to wear them when my hair is up.

The other choice was: Maya Brenner Designs LOVE Bracelet



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